Anglican Church Of Nigeria Weekly Sunday School/ Bible Studies Manual For May 12, 2019 : TOPIC – Characteristics of godly leadership

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Study 2/7 May 12 Easter 3 


TOPIC: Characteristics of godly leadership

1: Humility/meekness; peacemaking. 

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Godly leadership credentials become questionable where the requisite virtues are deficient. 


TEXTS: Phil.2:5-8. 

AIMS: To i. understand what it means for a leader to be humble and meek, as well as a peace maker; ii. discuss how we can become humble, meek and peace makers as leaders; iii. do a critical self-examination in the light of these traits.

INTRODUCTION: Godly leadership is leadership that operates on the principles of godliness. It respects what pleases God, shuns what displeases Him, and applies the principles of faith in Christ.

There are many features that mark out (i.e. characteristics of) godly leadership. We will examine only humility, meekness, and being a peace maker in this study. These characteristics enhance leadership both in the Church and in society. They prevent many conflicts wherever they exist.

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1. Explain the meaning of ‘humility’, ‘meekness’ and ‘peacemaking’ with respect to godly leadership.

2. From Phil.2:5-8 identify a very good example of a godly leader who embodies these character traits. Find other examples in Num.12:3; 2 Sam.12:1-7, 13; 2 Cor.12:1-6; Philemon 8-10.

3. How can these traits be developed in an individual? Rom.8:8-12; Gal.5:16; Phil.2:5; Heb.5:8; 12:1-2.

4. In the light of the importance of these virtues, why do you think there is shortage of leaders who possess them in our days? See also 2 Tim.4:3-4; 3:1-2; 1 John 2:15-17.


It is quality discipleship efforts that produce godly leadership with the right character traits. These virtues appear to be in short supply in the Church today because the Church is failing in her discipleship responsibilities. The Church must resolve to lead people to have a genuine salvation experience with Christ and do a thorough discipleship thereafter.


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