Anglican Church Of Nigeria Weekly Sunday School/ Bible Studies Manual For May 26, 2019 : TOPIC – Characteristics of godly leadership 3

Study 2/9 May 26 Easter 5


TOPIC – Characteristics of godly Leadership 3: Approachability and Decisiveness.



Matt.15:21-28; Acts 24:24-27. AIMS: To be able to i. discuss what it means to be approachable and decisive as leaders; ii. discuss why we should be approachable and decisive as leaders; iii. identify practical steps we can take to be approachable and decisive as leaders, and iv. determine why many leaders in the Church today are not easily approachable and decisive.


Quite often, many persons in Church congregations suffer in silence because the leadership there is difficult to approach. In some cases, fear makes members to simply stay away from the leader as his very presence drives chills down their spine. In some other instances, the challenge is the indecisive nature of some leaders. This study will closely examine approachability and decisiveness as characteristics of godly leadership.


1. What does it mean to be approachable (Matt.15:21-28; 2 Sam.12:1-13) and decisive (Acts 24:24-27; Num.27:1-11) as godly leaders?

2. Why should godly leaders be approachable (Matt.15:21-28; John 21:15-17) and decisive (Num.27:1-11; Acts 5:1-5)? Church of Nigeria 2019 Bible Study

3. How can we become more approachable and decisive as godly leaders? Rom.12:10; 6:13; Phil.2:3-4; I Peter 5:5.

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4. Critically discuss why many leaders in the Church today are difficult to approach and often indecisive. Cf. 1 John 1:7.


The Canaanite woman was able to access Christ; Prophet Nathan had an unhindered access to King David; but Felix didn’t have an unhindered access. Whose example will you follow?

FOOD FOR THOUGHT : Not approachable and decisive? Then pursue freedom from the flesh and the world!

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