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Hello Tuesday! Hope you are already having a beautiful day?


You may not like this,but it’s true. That is,the quality of persons around you or in your life as friends is a product of the life you’ve programmed yourself to have or live all along. I mean, these people also operate in same frequency as you that’s why they could be your homie. Like if you are intellectual or wealthy, you are likely to have folks with same attribute as friends; same goes to folks with opposite attribute.

You will attest to the fact that there are folks who can’t just be your friend(s), you already know why. Maybe you or they don’t meet up to the quality of individual that make up their friend list. And the only way you can, is when you start meeting those requirement. However, no matter how you/they try to force it,it just keeps repulsing. Not that you hate them or they hate you,it’s just that they/you don’t just fall within such cycle.

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How did your current friends come your way,you may likely ask. They came through signals. Like there are signals that get emitted from you to folks with characteristics as you. When these signals are sent,they recognize,accept and respond to it,and what happens next is they stay in your life until there is change of character which would send a signal to them again,but at this case it’s an “I don’t belong to your class signal;” a repulsive one. This usually happens due to an upgrade from either you or them not that they change.

So having known this, if you don’t like the quality of persons in your life and you want to make a change,you wouldn’t be able to do so by simply going out there to pick a preferred one according to you. As those you  would choose would still fall within the cycle of the previous ones you are trying to exit when you are yet to change your attribute. But the best way to do so,is change attribute,and there would be a release of new signals which would call for folks who operate at such frequency.


EXTRA:* The reality of you having other things come to you is when you operate in the frequency of seeking first the Kingdom of God(Matt. 6:33). However when you give priority to something else,you automatically negate the reality of having other things come to you as these things only move towards the frequency of Kingdom.

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