Divine Health is not given for free

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Divine Health

“I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.”

From the beginning of this month, we have dug into divine healing from series I-III and today we shall see divine health. Divine health is the condition of being without sickness or infirmities. It is the belief of being OKAY. The natural world may work by feelings and sight, but we work by faith. Drugs are not bad or a sin, but it takes one to be sick to use them. You can stay without being sick.
Divine Nature: We have in us that divine nature which can never fall sick: Psalm 82:6. As He is so are we here in this world- 1 John 4:17. God is a spirit, we are also a spirit. Adam never felt sick and we have a better nature than that of Adams. Spirits dont fall sick and He, Jesus didnt fall sick. He is the vine, we are the branches. If there is no sickness in the vine, there cant be sickness in the branch- Hallelujah.
CDA- Confess Declare and Announce: A doctor told a man of God you have high blood pressure, the man replied, I can never have it! and he didnt even bother pray about it. A wife told her husband I have miscarriage, I saw blood. The husband said it is not possible, you have a boy in your womb and his name is: David” – the wife gave birth at the due time. A man had symptoms of pile and he reacted Is it possible for a man to have pregnancy? So, I can never have pile, I am healthy. Immediately, the symptoms disappeared. It doesnt matter what the doctor says, it is what you believe that matters. As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is. Say what you want to see. Let those around you know what you stand for. It is not until you are sick that you make bold declarations. You do that always and always. Declare: I can never fall sick. The last time I fell sick is the last that would ever happen.
Wisdom Kits: I dont use drugs but I use wisdom. The scriptures say, if we swallow deadly things, it shall by no means hurt us. Does that mean we should go ahead and hold a snake or drink poisons? So, wisdom is profitable to direct. Wisdom kits include: immunization- it is wise to go for immunizations. Understand that this is not equal to drugs. Others are: Exercise, Eat well, Shed excess weight, Rest well.
Biblical Kits: we also need biblical kits to remain healthy at all times. These includes: avoid worry, anxiety, fear, hatred, unforgiveness etc., Embrace Love, Peace and Joy

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