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Hello Friday! The week has ended again, thumbs up you keep making it through to the end.


Opening the cover of a book with intention to read till the end, could be likened to you journeying to a destination having taking off from a specific location. However, many don’t reach their destination because they get tired having journeyed so long,hence stop half way. In same vein,when you choose to abandon a book because of its volume, you tend to stop your intellect from reaching the peak of knowledge in which such book would have granted you.

Precise knowledge gives you free flow of speech while communicating with others, however you get to stutter as soon as you’ve reached the bus stop of knowledge. Mind you,whatever be the page,chapter,paragraph sentence,word or alphabet to which you stop reading a book on,that would be where the scope of your knowledge would stop in respect to that book. Trying to make utterances beyond such scope would keep making you stutter; neither would you be able to exceed it in thinking. You wouldn’t be able to defend yourself amidst those who got precise knowledge on the subject. In fact this is what distinguishes people into grades in class after an exam,because you can only make grades based on the scope of knowledge attained on a subject or course to which an exam was being set.


So having known this,imbibe the culture of starting to read a book and finishing it too. However,don’t go about about carrying incomplete knowledge about a subject, that can’t take you anywhere or help you in any way.

*EXTRA:* Dan 9:2,”…I Daniel understood by books…”

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