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God Kind of Life is Everlasting – Spirit Foods

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‌God Kind of Life

INTRODUCTION:* The life Jesus came to give as rendered by Greek as “ZOE” is a kind of life distinct from the traditional and conventional one we know. This life is a life of God that doesn’t end. This is a life that makes God eternal. It is this kind of life that makes whoever has it a god.


John 10:10 “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.”

The abundant life here is not a measurable one. It is a kind of life that doesn’t end. God’s existence has been before the world was. He has no beginning and the end. This is the kind of life that makes Him like that. God’s external life makes Him the ancient of days who dwells in the eternity without beginning, and without ending.

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One of the functions devil performs is to kill eternally via sin but Jesus came to give eternal life. Devil made man to lose eternal life and the blessing of fellowship with God in the garden. The moment Adam lost this opportunity of eternity, man was doomed for destruction. The advent of Jesus was mainly to restore unto Adam the lost God kind of life. If anyone rejects Jesus, he rejects life. Such man is dead eternally.

The punishment Adam deserved in the beginning has been shifted from him and transferred to the devil. Devil and his cohorts shall be cast into hell and the hell into lake of fire along with non repentant, false prophets and other unbelievers in the Lord Jesus. Do we want to be free from this inescapable imminent doom? We need to receive Jesus. Jesus is life. Not just life but the eternal life Himself. He is life personified John 14:6. Every life without Christ is death and every life in Christ is eternal and can never die.

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*NOTE:* God kind of life makes us supernatural. It makes us qualify for heaven because only those who have eternal life can dwell in eternity. Eternal life therefore qualifies us for heaven.

PROPHETIC DECLARATION: I receive eternal life and I am glad I did, thank you Jesus for the opportunity!

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