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Most times,certain people become too hasty in life trying to become all that God has predestined for them,that they end up sidelining God out of the whole process of accomplishing them in which at the long run end up not even becoming any of those. For these, they call God slow and would rather have the process facilitated at the detriment of God’s timing not knowing that God’s timing produces the best in and for you.

Just because God had already shown you a destination,doesn’t mean you can trail it there yourself. It doesn’t rid you of a beginning,neither does it give you leverage to seize opportunity that could catapult you to that end while negating your starting point. Rather, He showing you, is to make you aware of the urgency for a start while following His leading to that destination.

Mind you,same way growth is inevitable for a child if he must attain maturity, that’s how following God’s timing; walking in same pace with him is inevitable if you must arrive at His predestination for you. So, don’t be too hasty. Don’t take a flight there when He had wanted you arriving there on foot. Rather than you being too hasty or looking for a way out to quickly arrive to an end point that could possibly lead to your destruction(Prov 4:12; 16:25), learn about His timing and how to subject yourself to it as that’s what you need now,and your only ticket for the flight that would arrive there safely.

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MOTIVATION: Don’t wait until you get into the belly of a fish and be there for 3 days before you learn your lesson. Rather head straight to Nineveh at once.

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