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A good number of new headlines almost always outlines a rape case lately. Rape had suddenly become an hot topic of discussion in most media houses and on the social media.
Let’s study the subject matter extensively be first defining the subject matter “rape”.
Rape is the forceful penetration either by a sex organ, other body parts or objects without the consent of the victim. The lack of consent is really what makes it rape. The victim could either be a male or female and if course, men get raped too.
We are basically accustomed to the word “rape” of which it can be of many types which are

1. Partner rape: this is also called spousal or marital rape. This involves forceful penetration (which mostly the sex organ) and without consent between couples. It could also occur among ex couples as a result of divorce or separation.
It can be further subdivided into;
Battering rape, force only rape and obsessive/sadistic rape.

2. Diminishing capacity rape. This occurs between a mentally stable very, the assailant and someone who cannot consent to sex at that particular point in time. The inability of the victim to consent to sex in this context is as a result of physical and or intellectual disability. Intellectual disability is also called mental retardation and explained as a state in which a person’s mental ability or intelligence quotient (IQ), is below average. People under this category live with special care and attention and can easily fall victim of rape. Examples are people living with autism and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). A person’s inability to consent due to intoxication also falls under this category.

3. Incest. This type of rape occurs between relations or family. This is the most common form of rape and a higher percentage of victims are minors. The trust and security the victim has gor the assailant makes it easier. It could occur between parents and children, uncles and nieces, aunts and nephews.

4. Age related rape. This is also known as statutory rape. In this case, any sexual action imposed on a person below the consent age is illegal. The consent age in Nigeria is 11 years. It is at this age that an Individual is legally ‘old enough’ to consent to sex which means anyone younger than age 11 is not legally ‘old enough’ to consent to sex and its assailant can be prosecuted for statutory rape.

5. Acquaintance/ date rape. This occurs between two people that are familiar with each other just as an acquaintance is defined as knowledge or familiarity of someone or something.

6. Aggravated rape. This type is clearly defined in the law and mostly involves; forceful sexual intercourse by threat, forces sexual intercourse with an unconscious victim, forceful sexual intercourse with individuals below the age of consent that is, 11 years.
It’s not enough to learn about the types of a problem without learning the causes alongside.

Causes of rape
1. Indecent dressing. Of a truth, indecently dresses females either toddlers, teenagers or even elderly women fall victim to rape. These dresses can provoke sexual arousal thereby leading to rape.
Secondly, laxity of the law. Nigeria for instance has a good number of rape cases as a result of laxity of the law. These laws are just in writing but not enforced. An average Nigerian doesn’t know his right. Since the rapist knows he/she can get away with it easily, it then becomes a constant practice.
Thirdly, the culture of silence has encouraged rapists to continue with the immoral acts. Truly, families will like to cover to the incidence and identity of the victim. By so doing, the rapist goes Scot free and there’s no justice for the victim just to conceal the identity and protect the family’s image.

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