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Spiritual life collection – Be stable

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Bible text: John 1: 4-5.

“In him was life; and the life was the light of men. And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not”



The life of God has been given to us and that life shines for light. Light is the nature of God.

1John 1: 5-6 records that God is light, and there is nothing dark at all in Him. If we are walking in Him, we cannot be dark too. The degree of the reality of this scripture can be tested by how we are united to others in light and how we push darkness back with our light.

The truth is that we live in the midst of darkness, wickedness and evil of men. But, we are the light of the world.

This nature of God in us is stable, unyieldingly and unaffected by darkness. It cannot be corrupted because it is powered by Christ’s endless life.

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What someone do beside you, (who is full of darkness, because they lack the life of God) is not an excuse for you to stop shining. They might name you a fool, weakling, or ‘too spiritual’. Rejoice! Because that means you are shining.

We are born of the Spirit, and the lifestyle of the Spirit is love, patience, humility, kindness, goodness, longsuffering, self-control, peace, and joy. As light, there should be no moment or season that we refuse to shine.

Beloved, your shining is not dependent on what is happening outside of you, but on the life of God inside you. Keep it alive and be stable.

Confession of faith: I am light, because I have the life of God. I shine brighter even in the midst of darkness of this world in Jesus name.

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