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Living by faith (1).


Golden Text: Hebrews 10:38.

“Now the just shall live by faith: but if any man draw back, my soul shall have no pleasure in him.”



In times like this and the era which the wisdom of men has failed them. When the government of nations are crippling under the force that is beyond humanity and all nation are in doubt of their survival, it will be very unwise to depend absolutely on the economy of the world to sustain our lives and our family.

God never designed you as a new creation to live by the system and patterns of the world. The world and its system is deeply founded on the technology of inherited curse from Adam. The curse caused limitations, sickness, poverty and in ending struggling and hustling.

Interestingly, those that live under the governance of Rome must be affected by the economy of Rome! So, if your livelihood is gotten from the economy of the fallen world, you will struggle like them and live in lack like the rest of the world.

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What touch them is permitted to touch you because you have not come to the understanding of the operations in the kingdom you came into. How do you know if you are operating by the economy of a cursed world? Check your life! If you still struggle and hustle endlessly for the material things of the world, you work like an Elephant but eat like ant, sickness still Lords itself over you and you are a tenant to diseases and the likes, you are still under the gravity of the curse of Adam even though you have been liberated in the spirit.

Although you are born in the realm of the immortals but your trade is still carried out in the realm of mere mortals and expressly, the Holy Spirit communicates to our heart that there is a way out!

Until a man understand the operations in the economy of God, living by faith, you will keep wallowing in the recession of life and keep living like a beggar instead of coming to through riches in Christ!

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Have you began the faith Journey?


Prayer Point: Lord grant me light to live by faith.

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