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Spiritual life collection – Living by faith (2).

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Living by faith (2).

Habakkuk 2:4.

“Behold, his soul which is lifted up is not upright in him: but the just shall live by his faith.”



When we examine the calling of the Apostles, the simple statement Jesus used to call them is Follow me.

This method has always been the way of operation of the eternal One. God’s system of government is a theocratic one, not democratic. That is why in the scriptures, especially the epistles, any time men attempt to box God in democratic opinion, he becomes silent or get angry with them.

The operation of a kingdom is different from any other rule. This is because in kingdom, the word of the king is final and that is why Jesus never said to his disciples “will you follow me?” but he said, follow me.

Another thing we need to meditate on carefully is that Jesus never told them how they will survive and I’m even sure most of them will be surprised to see that not only them were called but multitude which was later reduced to twelve because the others could not be chosen;for they failed the test of faith which demands total separation from their place of comfort and attachment. The Journey of faith is a lonely path which any man who is scared to suffer for Christ can not take. No matter who you are, if you attempt to take any course in faith, you will never graduate without proper test in that course. Many have tried to step out in faith about their health but when the test of faith comes, they run back to their alternatives.

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The end result of a faith Journey always lead to abundance at the end but only few are ready to suffer for a little time. God designed your destiny to be fulfilled only by faith and as such if you have any other alternatives, forget about reaching the peak of the blessings of God for you.

The Journey of faith is for high ranking military spirits. Men and women who has passed the test of separation and consecration. Do you desire to live in abundance? You must get to a point where you are ready to foolishly believe the integrity of God’s words. Any foundation not built on the word is a sinking sand! Many have lost their Jobs this period and many have even lost their business because the foundation is not laid on the word and can crumble at anytime.

Don’t be deceived, if the foundation of your marriage is not by the faith in the word of God, you can only endure it and not enjoy it!

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Prayer Point:

Father, correct any foundation I have wrongly laid outside your word in my life.

Bible in a Year: Number 20 -23.

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