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Spiritual life collection – To be like Him

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To be like Him

BIBLE TEXT: 1John 3:2-3 ISV.

Dear friends, we are now God’s children, but what we will be like has not been revealed yet. We know that when the Messiah is revealed, we will be like him, because we will see him as he is. And everyone who has this hope based on him keeps himself pure, just as the Messiah is pure.”


The bible says;God rewards diligent seekers of Him (Hebrew 11:6). So, we are surely not seeking in vain. God rewards everyone who seek Him with the kingdom. He rewards His seekers with Himself. If you seek Jesus, you would find Him. His revelation will be your reward.

The scripture of today says those who have this living hope of seeing Jesus Christ would make themselves pure. For instance, if you want to see the President of your nation, you make yourself presentable, if you want to see your lover, you dress well. Likewise, if you want to see Jesus Christ, you make yourself pure.

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Our eyes must be single on the hope of seeing Jesus Christ. Our heart must be cleansed from every form of tradition and we must keep emptying ourselves of what we think we already know of Him.

Purity is about separating yourself from everything and anything that won’t let you see Jesus. It is living all things behind in the hope of seeing Jesus.

Beloved, if there is anytime we need to live consciously, then it is now. If we truly have the hope of seeing Jesus, we would agree that there is no other option that to be pure as He is pure.

Prepare yourself for the revelation and the coming of Christ. Never lose the hope of seeing Him and let this hope propel you to purity.

Prayer Point: Father, preserve me till the coming of the Lord Jesus, by your Spirit in Jesus name.

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