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Hurray it’s Monday! High five; welcome to a new week.


Unlike some people believe, having a feeling(desire) to do something,should not obligate or prompt you to doing it. That is,just because i’m feeling a certain way, doesn’t mean i’m being called for its gratification. However, listening to or following your emotions like some folks advice, could be deceptive. Sometimes,some of them deserve to be ignored,because you don’t need the result of such feelings as they could be disastrous when attempted.

A good feeling doesn’t equal good outcome in some cases,neither its gratification,some of them could be a trap in disguise. Once given response to, that’s it,before you get untangled from it,a lot has gone down the drain. This was how certain folks got to adopt habits such sexual,smoking,drinking,gambling,stealing,drugs and so on which they’re finding uneasy or tasking to let go off. But if only they had just ignored the feelings back then,they wouldn’t have had to be going through the stress of the current.

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Mind you,for the fact that you’ve not attempted it before, or that those who are doing it keep preaching it to you how good and pleasant it could be when attempted, or being that you keep having a resurrection of such feelings shouldn’t make you shield to it. In a situation like this,you have to check the kind of information you are allowing into your mind,because it’s the information in ones mind that births a feeling. You can’t have a desire to do something when you are void of such information, it doesn’t happen. But if you keep listening to discussion about it,seeing picture of it,watching people do it or preach it to you continuously, you are likely to share in such feeling soon(Proverb 4:23).

So having known this, keep whatsoever feeling from ensuing into an action if you are yet to attempt it. Don’t just jump into anything because you couldn’t wait anymore. Mind you,there is a time for everything suitable for a person(Ecclesiastic 3:1). As a virgin(both male and female),you wouldn’t know what you have until you get to lose it to the first sexual gratification. Most folks wish they could get it back, because the feeling they get from the region of not having it is killing, as they tend to act as one without restriction when they get stirred emotionally for a corresponding action. Also for you who doesn’t smoke,maybe you’ve heard it’s nerve relaxing to take one or two sticks a day,but i guess you didn’t hear the other part of it that it could be addictive once attempted, and disastrous to your health when excessive; same goes to drinking and drugs and for gambling that’s the border of poverty. If you want to be speedy in life, you have to put your feelings under subjection as that’s the fuel you need to burn to your destination(1Corinthians 9:27).

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