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The striking different between one who is a failure,success and good success,goes in this wise: when the returns of what was given you to make do with, is less than standard return,such result is failure. When the returns of what was given you to make do with equates that of standard return,such result is success. But when what was given you to make do with far outweighs standard return, what you have is good success. This is the peak of it,it is a state of being excellent.

Being Excellent is God’s desire for you,He doesn’t want you living less(Josh 1:8). However, it doesn’t come just like that. You have to be conscious of it and execute it in respect to the things you do on a daily basis, and even to trivial things of life. Don’t be amongst those who say and believe that no one is perfect. Because when you assent to such statement,you have resolved to always having mistakes in all that you do as that would put you in a state of failing always which you would later consider normal. So having known this, go for the peak in all that you do.

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