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Hello Friday! Do have a lovely weekend.


The circumstances of today,shouldn’t make you forget about the victories you had yesterday. If God did see you through yesterday,He’s capable of doing same today and tomorrow. However,don’t be carried away by the occurrence; if only you can stay your mind on those victories of yesterday this one wouldn’t be in anyway different(Isa 26:3).

You must realise that God doesn’t see those challenges you face right now as one big deal like you see them to be. You may see it as a mountain, but God sees it as a plain ground, as everything is humble before God. Can you still remember how God humiliated the red sea before Israelites? Yes! He is able to do far beyond your imagination,if only you won’t stop believing that which you know Him to be.

E.g, if He’d healed you of an headache, He doesn’t require more power to Heal you of cancer or aids. Also you should realise that it isn’t within your power to fix any situation,but the Spirit’s. This was what Jesus meant in Lk 12:25-28. So instead of panicking and losing focus,hold on to the victories of yesterday, it will sure birth today’s victory,because you trust God. Glory to God!

*EXTRA:* Hebrews 13:8

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