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Hello new week! Hope you’ve been having a glorious one?


When most folks are being asked to give to others,they usually have this excuse of not having what to give as they all see giving to mean rendering something tangible to someone. For some others,they see these persons they’d wished to give stuffs to as beyond the worth of their giving, so they get discouraged to give. But that’s not all about giving. As a matter of fact,it doesn’t need to be tangible to be seen as something worth giving as there are certain things you could give that would holds sway more than rendering something tangible. Moreover,when Jesus was talking about giving in Luke 6:38,He wasn’t specific as to what should be given, and wasn’t bent on tangibility, rather He said give.

One of such things one could give to others,is prayer. Like you spend time to pray for certain persons. Truth be told,if are one who understand the efficacy of prayer,that’s the best thing you could ever give to anybody,as it changes anything when rightly applied. Most times you may think people need material things while looking with your optical eyes, but looking sublime with the eyes of the spirit you would see that what they need isn’t something tangible,hence the need to pray for them to have that which they actually need.

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So having known this,set a day this week to give someone a gift of prayer. You may not likely need to be go ask the person about pressing needs,rather praying in the Spirit(Rom 8:26),would help locate those area of needs and make necessary adjustment to them.

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